Jellyfish In San Pedro Channel

One of the Hundreds of Sail Jellies seen in the San Pedro Channel on Sunday, August 24, 2014

While transiting the San Pedro Channel from Catalina to Marina Del Rey on Sunday, August 24th, we witnessed hundreds of “Sailor Jellies” (scientific name: Velella velella), drifting by the boat and that was just in our limited range of view. There must be thousands out there that haven’t washed up on the beach yet.

For me it was interesting to see what a news sensation this jellies were creating in Southern California because they were washing up on the beaches by the thousands. When I was sailing from Hawaii to LA in 2009, we sailed through tens of thousands of these jellies and I used this photo for my remix of the “Liquid is Liquid” song.

Dozens of the thousands of Sail Jellies seen when sailing from Hawaii in May of 2009.